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“Be the parent today that you want your kids to remember tomorrow.”

Parenting today is no longer what it was. The children of today need parents who are discovering things along with them. Simply because advancement is at its fastest. Careers, academics , globalization are all part of parenting today. We teach you how to evolve, involve and partner with your child in the journey of career fulfillment

“Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges.” ― Joyce Meyer

We have unique programs to convert Teaching into a profession that is enjoyable by both the students and the teachers. We completely believe that Teachers are the assets of an institution and they are prime in the lives of scores of students.


Career ambitions are kindled at a very early age. As early as 10 years. Fascination with what the children see, observe, experience, hear, in short what ever appeals their senses, KINDLE , career ambitions. This is the precise moment, period when they should be subjected to gentle, pressure free, knowledgeable career guidance. The right guidance by the right career adviser is crucial, as this forms the very basis of their ambition. Career counseling, but at a pace that the career toddlers can absorb, inculcate in their tender minds, also plays a role in shaping their intentions. We therefore, call this […]

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein

Career dissatisfaction in the start of a career or in the midst of a career is a very common occurrence. The reasons can be many. Wrong choice of role, sector, personality issues, lack of domain knowledge and so on. The solution to this sought earnestly by the young and the mature, as this becomes a serious issue. The prime reason is, one spends his/her most waking hours with the career. Therefore, a right, satisfying and rewarding career is what everybody looks forward to. We resolve it for you.